Storage Boxes

Damris storage boxes provide complete customer satisfaction. High-quality, lightweight, sturdy, functional, reliable and durable, they are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

No matter the format or size, no matter how complex the layout, our storage boxes are custom-built to maximize convenience for you.

Customized Aluminum Storage Boxes

Do you drive a pickup, SUV or minivan? Then you surely need one of our customized aluminum storage boxes, designed to suit your vehicle and your needs.

We build our boxes and compartments of aluminum. They can be made in any format, with or without drawers, doors or locks. In short, have it made precisely your way.

We are wizards with aluminum and fully equipped with the machines needed to shape, bend and cut it, so we can create almost anything you need, including designing it and drawing the plans. Come by to see us and we can discuss your project.

To save space and time, or simply for extra storage, treat yourself to the best: a Damris storage box!