Here at Entreprises Damris, we offer a range of products known for their high quality, light weight, strength and durability. In addition, they are made to fit the chassis and body of any road vehicle to perfection.

Custom Products

Functional, tailor-made products, manufactured according to your specifications! Whether for a platform, an aluminum body for a semi-trailer or simply an aluminum storage compartment, we develop a custom design for you and draw the plans — regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

The latest addition to our product line is a compartmentalized pickup insert specially designed for veterinarians (also called a mobile clinic). Designed to maximize accessible storage space, the compartmentalized insert is fully insulated, heated and may include a refrigerated compartment, depending on your requirements and your vehicle. Our veterinary clients have been simply delighted, because the insert is very functional and well designed. They have much more accessible storage space, which saves time and money when making farm visits or house calls.

You can send us a quote request by filling out the form to submit your needs and requirements and we will respond with pleasure.