Founded in 1988, Les Entreprises Damris Inc. manufactures aluminum and steel products for trucks and pickups. Owners Damien April and Daris Michaud acquired the business, when it specialized in producing sleeper cabs and was located on Chemin Rivière-Verte in Saint-Antonin, Quebec, but with the demand for its products constantly growing, Enterprises Damris soon required larger facilities. In 1999, the company relocated to a new building in the Saint-Antonin industrial park, just five minutes from Rivière-du-Loup.

Over the years, Entreprise Damris has built a strong reputation by providing quality products, service and advice from highly qualified specialists. Through this sustained commitment to its customers, Les Entreprises Damris Inc. now ranks among the largest suppliers in the industry to serve clients in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario.

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Our services

We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and repair of custom van bodies, pickup inserts, sleeper cabs, platforms, trailers and storage boxes. All of our products are made entirely of aluminum and steel. We also specialize in modifying emergency vehicles and converting van bodies and worksite trailers for use as office space, locker rooms or showers, depending on the client’s needs.

Our company also excels in welding for the manufacture and repair of various products. In addition, we offer paint and body work on trucks and commercial vehicles such as fire trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, motor homes and heavy machinery.

No matter how large or complicated your project, we can design and manufacture it for you. Our facility is fully equipped with the machinery needed to shape, bend and cut aluminum and steel.

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Our products

Made of aluminum and steel, Damris products are known for their quality, light weight and strength, and will fit perfectly on the existing chassis and body of your vehicle.

Trust Damris for high quality, lightweight and sturdy products.

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Our commitment

We have built a solid reputation through our sustained commitment to our customers in terms of manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. That commitment has allowed Damris to become one of the largest distribution centres in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario.

Our professional development program is your guarantee of receiving service and advice from highly qualified specialists.